IVF Round #2

I decided to post about my infertility journey since I know how lonely and hard it is to go through. I spent hours searching for answers, clues, tips, anything that could solve our difficulties in conceiving. It was very hard on our relationship and difficult for friends and family to understand. Every experience with infertility is individualistic, with unique procedures, meds and solutions, but I know it always helped me to come across an article on the web that made me feel understood and a little less alone on my journey.

After 5 years of infertility, procedures and finally an IVF cycle, we were blessed with our twin daughters in 2012. Since there isn’t much time left, we thought we would try to have a boy before I turn 40! I’m totally not looking forward to another IVF cycle but at least we know what works now so we can skip all the unnecessary procedures and shots and just go for the big guns!

I stopped pumping in December and contacted my clinic in Jan to make an appointment after my first period. We discussed the plan of action and my doctor feels that he would like to follow the protocol that we used for the last cycle since it worked well. We already know that I do not produce a lot of eggs and I am a little older, but the eggs I did produce fertilized and made 2 beautiful babies.

I am totally nervous about going through this all over again, it seems like I just started to feel normal. It’s not so much the IVF procedure that I am afraid of, it’s more the fear of another hard pregnancy and the risk of another premature birth. I am praying to God that it’s only one baby this time around too, with no family close by it’s already a lot to manage with twins! But we only have this short window to have children and we will have the rest of our lives to be with them, so it all will be worth it in the end…

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