List Of Things To Do Before An IVF Cycle…

(This could also apply to people who are just trying to conceive)

This is a list of things I missed when I was pregnant…

1. Chocolate – Since it has caffeine in it the docs frown on eating any since it can cause miscarriages…

2. Coffee – I LOVE a good latte and missed it terribly…giving it up really made my skin glow though!

3. Cocktails – I’m a Gin Martini Dry Up With Extra Olives Girl (Hendricks Gin and Blue Cheese stuffed olives are my favorite) I had no idea how much I would miss one of these!

4. Mani-Pedis – I wore closed toed shoes for most of the pregnancy 😦

4. Hair Dye – Yes…I am getting to the age that I need to start covering up grays and without being able to do this I had to come up with some strategic hairstyles and welcomed the idea of hats.

5. Sushi – It’s tasty and usually very healthy, I craved it for most of the pregnancy.

6. Tuna – A Tunafish sandwich on sourdough bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado…

7. Day at the Spa – No hot tubs or saunas during pregnancy, and soaking would have felt soooo good on all my sore muscles (back, legs, hips, ect)

8. Cold Medicines – I don’t like taking these but it was horrible suffering through a cold without them!

9. Airborne – The one thing that usually keeps me from getting sick – but the doc couldn’t guarantee it was safe to take so I wasn’t going to risk it…

10. Fancy Cheeses – There is nothing like a good triple cream brie!

11. Soft boiled eggs – It was a Sunday brunch tradition.

12. Salicylic Acid – It’s the only acne medicine that ever worked for me!

13. Sex – If you have a difficult pregnancy like I did you will not experience this for a very long time 😦

Below are some cranberry, pecan oatmeal cookies I made tonight since I was craving something sweet and I can not satisfy my chocolate urges right now…They turned out pretty tasty!


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