IVF Update

So I went to the doctor for a follow up blood test and ultrasound today. It looks like right now I have about 8 follicles growing. I think the last cycle I had 10 to start with but by retrieval day that had decreased to 6. My E2 was in the 30’s which they said was fine. So starting Saturday I will be doing 3 shots a day…Leuprolide in the morning and Menupur and Gonal-F at night. They are giving me a very high dosage this time since I do not react strongly to the meds, and one addition medication to help with better absorption. I recently found all the documents on my last cycle since I wanted to be able to compare the two. It feels like it was so long ago, yet vaguely familiar, like one of those Déjà vu dreams…

The doctor also asked how many we were planning on putting in this time. They really push for 1 embryo per cycle, I think it looks better for their records. Last time I had a decent grade blastocyst (it was a BB), an early blastocyst which they did not grade and a morula. The doctor believes the two blasts were what became our daughters. He said that if I have a similar outcome this time, l will have about a 40-50% chance of success with 1 embryo, and a 50-55% chance with 2, but the risk of twins goes up to 40%. I really just want one healthy full-term boy, but there are no guarantees in this financially risky business.


It’s really tough to decide how many…Last time we were going for broke and doubted we would even have one. Now even though we know it worked, I’m older….almost 39, which means it could be more challenging this time around. The risk of twins again is scary but we also want to be successful. I’m really hoping this is the last time I have to put my body through all of this again. We still have about 10 days to decide and a lot will depend on what actually fertilizes and grows. I’m praying for good results and good decisions!

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