The countdown begins…

Stopped in for blood-work yesterday so that they could check my estrogen levels. This is to make sure that the dosage of Menupur and Gonal-F are where they should be. Sadly I seem to only have one good vein for drawing and it’s already looking angry 😦 A call later in the day confirmed that everything looks good and to keep my dosages where they are (see below).


I’m starting to dread the daily shots and pills right now though, good thing it will all be over in about a week. My stomach is starting to look like a pin cushion!Image

It’s all for a good cause though and will be forgotten quickly after it’s all over. I have more blood-work and an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. This is when things start to get intense. I’m excited and nervous to see how many follicles are growing this time.

I’m trying to get everything in order in the house this week for my bed-rest days coming up. No one has taken care of the babies for 24+ hours since they have been home. We have a routine…it’s a bit chaotic but its been working so far. I’d like to call it “organic mothering” , just going with my instincts and their cues. Not sure how to translate that to a sitter or my husband…for now I started with an excel sheet 😉


It was strange sitting in a waiting room full of women all staring at me and my little twins in the stroller. I could tell some wanted to ask questions, but I remember being there myself. How badly you wanted to talk to someone, to feel that you weren’t so alone, but you knew that the minute you started talking you might tear up and start crying in front of an absolute stranger. I had a moment like that my first time around, the woman was very kind. She was there trying for her next child. She spent time talking to me, it was so comforting and gave me a little hope which I desperately needed at the time. I was definitely balling in the elevator on the way out, but it wasn’t in a bad way…

I happily talk to anyone that approaches me about the experience now, hoping to repay the favor. I don’t hide the fact that our twins were through medical assistance. I almost feel like it’s my duty to educate people so that there is a greater sense of understanding and compassion to this condition. Infertility has plagued couples since the beginning of time. It should not be something that we hide, feel embarrassed and/or ashamed about. It’s one of the hardest tests and woman and couple can go through, NO ONE should feel alone on this journey!

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