The Russian Roulette Of Fertility


I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to keep up the blog this week…

On Monday I had my retrieval. They were able to remove 10 eggs. Last time they only were able to get 6 so we were feeling pretty positive. I was groggy and cramping so that evening I slept away most of the stress while my husband juggled our two little ones. It was hard to sleep that night. My bladder was sore and being crushed by my swollen ovaries and the anxiety of wanting to know what was going on in our petri dishes was almost too much.

Around 11am the next morning we got the call. It wasn’t as good as we expected. Out of the 10 only 5 fertilized and 1 of those was abnormal so we were down to 4 embryos. Last time we had 5 on day one. We would not hear anything more until Thursday morning. At this point it could be a day 3 or day 5 transfer. It was going to depend on the quality of the remaining embryos.

Fast forward to this morning. We have three 8-cell grade 4 (excellent embryos) and one 4-cell grade 4. This most likely means we are now down to three. That is when it became very tricky. My doctor was pushing to wait until day 5 and to just put in the best 1-2 embryos. Their biggest fear was triplets. The embryologist mentioned though that there was a risk that we might not make it to day 5 and that I am two years older than I was last cycle.

We must have changed our mind a dozen times. Which is worse the risk of complicated triplet pregnancy or the risk of having none to transfer? My doctor’s partner assured us that he felt that we would have at least 1-2 good embryos on Saturday given my success last cycle and the way that the embryos looked today. So we are rolling the dice and praying that he is right. Day 5 transfer here we come…

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