Bored in Bed

Day 2 of bed-rest…

Here is the update – As our doctors had requested we waited until day 5 for our transfer, even though my gut was telling me on day 3 we’d be putting them all in anyway. Saturday morning we headed to the office to find out how many embryos we still had and how far along they were. It’s the most nerve wrecking part of the process for me, once I know the news I can cope, it’s the waiting to find out that’s torture…

The office was running late that morning so it was another 30 min before we were able to meet the embryologist and get the full details.

She was the same embryologist we had two years ago. Ironically her news was also almost exactly the same. We had one Blastocyst a 2AB, one almost Blast and one Morula. The only difference is last time the Blastocyst was a 4BB. She said its very close to the same.

My husband was still concerned about the risk of triplets but my gut was telling me it wouldn’t happen and that we should do exactly what we did last time. The odds of the third one making it to freeze were not likely, (last time I had 2 extras and neither of them did). I felt that the best chance they have to survive was to be put back in my uterus.

Since our doctor was running an hour late (LA traffic is the worst) we had plenty of time to discuss our options. In the end we decided to put all three back in. When he finally arrived he didn’t try very hard to convince us otherwise, which I know if it was a big concern he would have. That’s why he initially pushed for day 5. If they were all Blasts it would have been a very different conversation.

So Valium in full effect I laid back and watched on the ultrasound as they put our three little embryos into my uterus. The doctor said it was a very smooth procedure and everything looked good.

After resting for about 30 min we were able to head home for my 48hr+ bedrest. Last time this was easier since all I had to do was sleep and have someone bring me food. This time I could hear my husband trying to juggle handling the twins. It was really hard to relax when they were crying. I think after surviving the first 24hrs he now has a much better idea of what I do all day ūüėČ I love our babies but they can be a handful at times! He passed out next to me in sheer exhaustion last night…

My back is starting to ache from all the laying around and I’m curious to know what’s going on inside of me. Are they still alive? Have they implanted? How many are there? The 2ww fun begins…uhg

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