A “Quick Trip To The ER”

Warning – Things got a bit ugly last night…

I wasn’t feeling very well all day, sleepy, queasy, just off in general so I tried to take it easy. At around 9ish my stomach became really upset, I thought it was either really bad “evening sickness” or I had picked up my husbands cold. I usually seem to feel worse at night but not usually this bad. It eased up for a bit after that but then at around 10ish something felt off and I went to use the bathroom and I had a huge rush of blood and some small clots. I freaked out and called my husband who was sick and about to go to bed. We decided I should go to the hospital which luckily is only about 10 min away. After securing a babysitter to put the twins to bed we rushed in the car.

4 painfully long hours later we had news…Both babies are still alive, they both had a hb of 132, they are sized appropriately for their age (7w 3d, 7w 4d) and my HCG was over 158,000. The blood is coming from a clot (SCH) which is from one of the placentas partially detaching. It is 1.2cm cyst on the left corpus luteum. This will either resolve or end the pregnancy, there is nothing that can really be done.

It’s so strange how this pregnancy is perfectly matching my last one. At about 6 weeks last time I had the same thing but I honestly do not remember seeing so much blood the last time. My doctor said to just rest today and I will go in for another ultrasound tomorrow. It’s all so scary…

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