Dressing for Mommy Success

Quick and easy outfits to look good on even the craziest of days.

 Packing for this trip has made me think about how people always seem shocked that I usually look rather put together while juggling 4 small kids. I guess it’s expected that I should be in yoga pants with a ponytail 24/7.

I think if anything the kids have forced me to be much better at choosing outfits quickly and working with what I’ve got.

After two twin pregnancies my figure is definitely a bit more curvy which actually works well with most vintage/classic styles (these styles can look attractive and feminine on almost any figure). I love my real vintage pieces but I’ve learned that taking care of toddlers will destroy those delicate fabrics quickly. I will keep them to wear again when the kids are older, but for now affordable reproductions work well.

I love dresses since there isn’t much that needs to be planned out, just throw on a cardigan and a belt and you are ready to go out on the town. Ballet flats for daytime and heels for nighttime and a scarf can do wonders to hide a bad hair day and really finish off the look. All super quick and easy.


A-line dresses accentuate the good and hide the bad. They give the illusion that everyone has a perfect hour glass shape. Dark colors and patterns are also key for hiding a lot of the messes that happen when children are present (during the breastfeeding/bottle feeding stage light colors are preferred though).

Fabrics that do not need dry cleaning and ironing are also very helpful and keep the bills down. If you aren’t good at ironing (it’s definitely not one of my talents) most cotton tops and dresses can drip dry in the shower and still have a clean pressed look when needed.

I’m really into Capri pants and loose tops right now. Again classic, super easy and will look good on almost everyone.


Being a single income family for now means our money is tight and EBay and Amazon have become my new best friends.

There are lots of China manufactures that make really cute stuff that’s super affordable (tops for under $5, dresses for $15+) just be careful with sizing since its way different than US or European sizes.

I find a lot of cute Jcrew on eBay for cheap and if I want to splurge the brand Lindy Bop ( http://www.lindybop.com ) has a lot of adorable dresses in a wide size range. Ok, I need to get back to packing for now…

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