How To Shop With Young Twins

After lots of practice I think I’ve mastered grocery shopping with young twins. I tried using the shopping cart before but I seem to be able to be more efficient with just the stroller. It’s also great since doing it this way they can nap if they want to and I don’t need to wake them going into and out of the store.

I rarely take all 4 to the store since the quad stroller is too wide and the older two will grab things off the shelves and cause all kinds of trouble since 3 year olds have a much harder time sitting still. If I have to I make the trips very quick and make sure to give the snacks to focus on.

Key points

  • Stroller should be empty
  • Bananas and little snacks work great to keep them occupied.
  • Have a list so you don’t forget anything and can shop quickly.
  • Know what’s in each of the aisles so you don’t need to do a lot of backtracking.
  • Let them know at the checkout you will need a cart and help getting it to the car (most big grocery stores are happy to do this).
  • Lastly, try to have a little fun and treat it as an “adventure” so they’ll look forward to going instead of dreading it.

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