SWYM TIP #2 My Top Picks For Toddler Safety 

Before having twins I would have thought many of these products were unnecessary or just being over protective. I came to realize that when you have multiples the game changes, judgements need to be put aside, the children’s safety becomes first and foremost, especially when you are outnumbered.

I have 4 under the age of four and I have learned that I can’t be everywhere and watch all of them every waking second. After trial and error the items I am listing below are some of the actual ones we use. Most can be bought affordably on Amazon, or on sale at local sellers, unfortunately most need to be new though so used items may not apply, even though I love saving money where possible…

1. Safety Gates- depending on whether you have stairs, multiple walkways, unsafe rooms, ect will depend on what you need. The ideal is something that will last the full time you will need it. My kids are climbers and all pretty fearless so the best for our house were the extra tall metal ones.

The temporary ones with the rubber stoppers only worked until they were walking, then they knocked them down and the lower ones were useless by the time they were 2 since they could easily climb over them. It’s also super important to make sure that it can be EASILY opened with one hand. With multiples you are almost guaranteed to never have 2 hands free!

  • Summer Infant Sure And Secure Custom Fit Gate (These are great since they can fit in unusual places and can also be used to protect free standing items like your home entertainment systems.)
  • Munchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate (I love this one, it’s super durable and the 3 year olds still can’t climb it!)

2. Door Safety – Statistics show that finger injuries are a very common reason for ER visits with toddlers. Again this will depend on your home’s needs. There are great products to prevent round knobs from turning but our house has a different style of knob so we lock the important rooms that we can and use the Door Monkeys and pinch guards for the other doors.

There are items that stop pinches from the hinge part of the door and ones that stop them from fully closing the door. Depending on how strong and destructive your toddlers are will decide what and how many different items you need. Check the reviews on all items before you buy them.

  • Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard (These are super easy to use and do not damage doors or require tools to install.  They prevent little ones from opening or closing doors while still leaving about 1.5″ of room for air circulation.)

3. A Camera System- Cameras are great for many reasons. When you want them to sleep uninterrupted but still keep an eye on them when they are little and when you need a bathroom break with climbing toddlers, a camera will always give you a bit of piece of mind and at the least a few seconds to prepare for an accident or fight. I love the ones that we have because they can scan the whole room, you can buy multiple cameras for one monitor and they can be moved easily.

  • Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

4. Cabinet and Drawer Locks- As soon as they could figure out how to open cabinets and drawers my kiddos were getting into EVERYTHING. It was dangerous and very messy. These items have been lifesavers for us.

  • Magnetic Locking System, 1 Key and 8 Locks (Just make sure to get an extra key and hide them.)
  • Kiscords Safety Cabinet Lock for Knobs
  • Spring Loaded Latches (We use these on drawers and cabinets)
  • Sliding door lock
  • Safety 1st Oven Front Lock

5. Outlet Protectors -The outlets seem to be of concern for many parents…I experimented and was zapped a few times when I was a kid but nothing too bad. Regardless of my personal experience I did plug all the open outlets for now.

  • Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs

6. Safety Harnesses – This was a tricky one. Before kids I have to admit I balked at the parents who used harnesses, but after experiencing my first 2 toddlers trying to run off into different directions I had a serious change of heart. If you have more than one young child some form of harness or strap is a must. From all my conversations with other parents I have learned that it is very common to have at least one “runner”. The kid that just wants to go and as soon as she/he sees an opportunity they are off. Accidents can happen so quickly so I am now a complete advocate of these. Some kids like backpacks and some hold hands and just need a little wrist support. You know what’s best for your little ones. Here is what we use.

  • Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness
  • Safety 1st Baby On Board Tot-A-Long 2 Pack

There are many other safety items out there and common sense goes a long way in preventing injuries, just always keep in mind your children are smart and creative and they will surprise you with what they can get into…

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