The road to motherhood was anything but easy for me, but worth everything it took to get here. I’d like to share my experiences, thoughts and knowledge to help others who might end up on a similar journey.

I’ve always loved cute fluffy bunnies but they also became a symbol of hope for me during my years battling infertility. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility in many cultures and I used to dream of them quite frequently and now I finally have my own little litter of cuties. Here is my story…

I met my husband the year I turned 30 in December of 2004. By 2009 we had decided it was time to start a family, not realizing just how difficult that would be. I became pregnant the first month off birth control but sadly miscarried at approximately 3 months along. We waited the suggested time and then started trying again. After experimenting with all the natural infertility cures (acupuncture, herbs, cycle timing, ect) we sought professional help.

A year of medical procedures, months of injectible IUI cycles and a very costly IVF cycle later I was finally pregnant with twins in late Oct 2011. The pregnancy was hard on my body and at 27.5 weeks after a hospitalized bed-rest I gave birth to my daughters in April 2012. They were 2lbs and under 14″ long. The next three months were very difficult watching our little ones struggle through every test and procedure they needed in the NICU.

Shortly after they were released from the hospital I was laid off on my maternity leave which meant that I would now be switching my career to a stay at home mom for a bit. We realized this was better for the girls since they need extra attention to help them catch up from their premature arrival for now, but it has been an adjustment for me for sure. My career has always defined who I am and now I had a totally new career which I knew so little about.

Stumbling through the first year was challenging but also so wonderfully rewarding. Shortly after the twins turned one we decided to try for another baby. To our surprise it ended up being twins once again and two more sweet little girls joined our family in Sept of 2013. They were also born early with 3 month NICU stays but luckily their early months were much easier and I had a lot more experience this time around. So now we are a family of six and having four toddlers at once is quite an adventure!

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