SWYM Tip #4 Get Out Of The House…Often!

Packing up one kid for an outing is challenging but add a couple more and it can be downright daunting.

I’ve learned that the longer I stay inside the house the more difficult the thought of going out becomes. The supplies (diaper bag full of diapers, wipes, snacks, bottles, extra clothes, and other survival items), the tantrums to get dressed, out of the house and into the carseat, the poopy diapers on the way out the door when I finally thought we were ready, ect.

Every time I do get out though I feel a sigh of relief, the change in environment can really perk up my mood as well as the kids. Some outings still end up being chaotic but the more you do it the easier it gets and you start to learn survival techniques for making it easier. I have seen a mom with one baby take 2xs as long to load up and leave a parking space as it usually takes me to load up all 4!

Here are some tips and suggestions for outings

1. Always have the diaper bag prepped, when you get back from an outing refill any non-perishables so it’s ready for the next trip.

2. Start out with small trips, a walk around the block, a drive to the mailbox, coffee at a Drive Thru Starbucks, ect. Shopping in large stores is trickier, especially once you get to the toddler age so try to go when you only need a few things and can get in and out quickly. Usually they can handle about 15 minutes of shopping before it starts to get ugly.

3. I love walks since I’m getting exercise, they are getting out of the house and usually the movement and view keeps them entertained. Trips to the ice cream store or to get a pizza are everyone’s favorite. Actually anything involving a tasty snack will usually do. Below are the girls having breakfast tacos before Mom heads into the grocery store. 


4. Play dates at homes and the park. These are a great way to wear the kids out and possibly have a few minutes of adult conversation. Join your local Mom/Parent group if you don’t yet have a good network, it’s worth it and really makes you feel sane when you know you are not alone on this unique parenting journey.

5. Use the trip as fun education, point out things on the way to teach them words, colors and counting. When we go on walks we use flowers in people’s gardens as a good color lesson and I get them to point and say things that they see and hear along the way.

6. Don’t stress out about what others are thinking…you most likely will deal with a public tantrum, messy situation or some other catastrophy at some point. I had one infant literally vomit all over herself, her car seat and the groceries when I was in a checkout line. Crazy stuff will happen, hopefully you will be able to laugh about it later and regardless you will know that you are stronger for just getting through it!

SWYM Tip #3 Laundry 

The advise I wish I could follow…

Do at least 1 load of laundry per day. This means wash, dry, fold and put it all away. 

I’m not one of those women that loves housework, I actually hate it. If I don’t do it daily though, it builds up to catastrophic levels overnight, takes so much longer to actually finish and the simple sight of it is so overwhelming. Seriously, I’ve had nightmares about the endless stacks of clothes!

The washing and drying is the easy part, it’s the folding and putting away that always kills me. It probably doesn’t help that I have toddlers running around pulling things out of drawers and knocking neatly folded stacks on the floor every time I turn around.

Use your naptimes and bedtime very wisely. (I think this rule probably applies to dishes as well 😉)

SCH – Subchorionic Hematoma

My knowledge on the complications of infertility and pregnancy continues…


After my first bleeding incident and the trip to the ER, I had a second one on Thursday with more blood and some very large clots and a smaller one on Friday. I had an ultrasound on Wed and Thur and both showed healthy growing babies and strong heartbeats. This has been very terrifying. I stayed in bed most of the weekend and had my husband and a friend taking care of our twin girls.

I had one bleeding episode like this with my last pregnancy at about 6 weeks. After learning that I once again have a SCH I decided to do some research on it.

“A subchorionic hematoma is a type of blood clot found between the pregnancy membranes and the wall of the uterus. This occurs in just over l1% of pregnancies, and it appears that the bleeding occurs when small parts of the pregnancy membranes separate from the uterus.” (about.com)

The rest of my research is from many different web and blog sites. The general belief is that if your SCH happens in the first trimester and you make it to the 20th week you are usually ok. Some woman never actually bleed, it is only found out during an ultrasound exam and some woman have huge gushes and clots multiple times.

The biggest concern is when the clot is large, that is the most dangerous to the fetus. The comment about it only being 1% of pregnancies I believe to be very off. Every doctor and ultrasound tech I have met seemed very familiar with this condition and I also found tons of woman online going through it and some have had it with more than one of their pregnancies. It also seems to be more common in twin pregnancies.

The most frustrating thing about it is the different doctors approaches. There are doctors that tell their patients everything from change nothing in your daily life to ones that suggest full bedrest. How could there be such a huge mix of opinions on a matter that could mean life or death for your unborn child??? Doctors state that there is currently no proof yet that bedrest will help (no one has bothered to research and do studies on the condition), so they are hesitant to suggest it. Although I found that most woman said that shortly after bedrest the bleeding would stop.

It is an internal wound, why would you not give it a chance to heal? That’s like running a marathon with an open cut on your leg…it’s not going to heal and will probably get worse.

It really upset me to come across some of this misguided information. One woman was even told that she would definitely miscarry and should just get a D&C right away, even though her baby was still alive. She changed doctors and went on to have a healthy full-term baby!!!!

I in no way claim to be a medical expert, but the data and facts seem to definitely lead to some basic conclusions. If you have a SCH, get as much rest as you can, try to stay off your feet, drink lots of water (dehydration causes the uterus to contract), eat foods rich in iron, vitamin c and zinc and take an iron supplement if you are bleeding. My doctor also has me doing daily progesterone shots to hopefully help strengthen the uterus and stop the bleeding. I hope this helps others going through this scary condition…

The Roller-Coaster Ride Continues

On April 16 it was confirmed…Twins again! I think I was in a state of shock when I left the office. I should have been happy but I started to panic. How am I going to take care of 4 babies under the age of 2 with no family living close by? Were we insane? I texted my husband the ultrasound picture, he was very happy. He had been hoping for this news. I felt guilty for not being more excited. I was definitely relieved that it had worked and that it will hopefully be the last IVF cycle I will have to do. No more shots!!!! But reality was setting in. I had convinced myself that this cycle didn’t work, and now not only did it work, it worked X’s 2!


After a few days and my husband convincing me that he would make sure I had some help with the little ones I began to calm down and really start to process it all. I do really like having our girls as twins. They were born with an instant playmate and now that they are getting a little older watching them play with each other is adorable. They also are much better at self-entertaining which helps me get things done around the house…

On April 23 I was considered 6w 1d, time for the heartbeat ultrasound. This is the next big step in the pregnancy and I know there are many more from my rocky first experience. The doctor was able to see 2 heartbeats, but paused to tell me one looked slow. This could mean one of two things, it’s either a day behind the other developmentally or that it would not survive. Not the best of news…all we can do is wait and see now.

Since around the 4w mark I have had pink spotting and brown discharge (sorry if that is tmi) which has concerned me, but the doctor said it could be caused by the progesterone suppositories and not to worry. Then on April 25 I saw red, which now full on scared me. I was afraid I might be losing the slower baby, red is never a good sign. I called my doctor panicked and he said to come in for an ultrasound the next day since it was not heavy bleeding. I went back on full bed-rest that night to be safe.

Next day both babies were still there and had grown and heartbeats looked similar. No clue as to what the bleeding is from. So now we just count down the days until the next ultrasound (this Thursday). I was really praying for a less stressful pregnancy this time around, I guess it’s going to be a very long year…

IVF Update

So I went to the doctor for a follow up blood test and ultrasound today. It looks like right now I have about 8 follicles growing. I think the last cycle I had 10 to start with but by retrieval day that had decreased to 6. My E2 was in the 30’s which they said was fine. So starting Saturday I will be doing 3 shots a day…Leuprolide in the morning and Menupur and Gonal-F at night. They are giving me a very high dosage this time since I do not react strongly to the meds, and one addition medication to help with better absorption. I recently found all the documents on my last cycle since I wanted to be able to compare the two. It feels like it was so long ago, yet vaguely familiar, like one of those Déjà vu dreams…

The doctor also asked how many we were planning on putting in this time. They really push for 1 embryo per cycle, I think it looks better for their records. Last time I had a decent grade blastocyst (it was a BB), an early blastocyst which they did not grade and a morula. The doctor believes the two blasts were what became our daughters. He said that if I have a similar outcome this time, l will have about a 40-50% chance of success with 1 embryo, and a 50-55% chance with 2, but the risk of twins goes up to 40%. I really just want one healthy full-term boy, but there are no guarantees in this financially risky business.


It’s really tough to decide how many…Last time we were going for broke and doubted we would even have one. Now even though we know it worked, I’m older….almost 39, which means it could be more challenging this time around. The risk of twins again is scary but we also want to be successful. I’m really hoping this is the last time I have to put my body through all of this again. We still have about 10 days to decide and a lot will depend on what actually fertilizes and grows. I’m praying for good results and good decisions!